úterý 22. listopadu 2011

Bourrasque finished....

I chose this model for my modelling restart because i thought it will be fast...and building really was,but finishing was the test of all my skills starting sharp-edge camouflage with high contrast,work with big decals, lot of washes and oil jobs, work with rust and pigments on relativelly big surfaces... I worked on it  for one month almost for several hours every day.Result isn't perfect by my imagination, so i now know what refine next time and I think its relatively good after almost two years break :) Hope you like it too.

Cheers! Jirka

...And two reference pictures on the end...

neděle 13. listopadu 2011

Winter whitewash

I like a 1:48 scale military, it's cheap, fast to build and size of the kits is ideal for trying new techniques.
 Here is Tamiya Marder III M, I bought thist kit to test currently very popular technique of making winter camouflage using the hairspray. And here's results of first steps...

Kit is built straight from box,only i added is a tarp cover,
because i didn't want to delay with interior.
Tarp is made from paper towel with a coat of diluted Tamiya putty. 

I used Tamiya acrylics thinned with laquer thinner for base colors
 and for whitewash is thinned by water.A hairspray layer is done
with Schwarzkopf TAFT extra strong applied with an airbrush. 

Hope you like it. Cheers. Jirka