pátek 21. října 2011

Tracks basic coat

Hello,today i want to present you fast article about tracks base paint. It can be also useable for any steel surface. I used Tamiya acrylics for base coat and Tamiya ad Humbrol enamels for dirty and rust effects.

 First coat by mixture of Tamiya paints,note blue color for better look of natural steel.

 A light overspray with brown to add base for rust effects 
and black to make shadows for deep...

 ...and touch of enamels to finish look of rusty and dirty tracks,
i made a wash with humbrol rust for base and after that
 alternate sputtered flat earth and rust from brush using pressed air from an airbrush.

Finished track link ready for next weatherig by pigments or similar effects...

All work on both track links took just about one hour.Its fast with good result, exactly how i like it.

Thanks for reading. Jirka

2 komentáře:

  1. Hi Jiri!

    Could you pls provide ratio of the colors used in the first step? Or do you use them one by one? I am mostly interested about the blue one.

    Cheers mate

  2. hi! colors on first picture i used for paint mixture i mixed black and white 5:1 for black with drop of blue. i always use a touch of blue for basic steel surfaces like tracks,tools etc. after these adjunct this parts looks more metallic. just try is! you will find out yourself :)