neděle 8. ledna 2012

SKP clickabe tracks for Hetzer fast review

Hello,some time ago I got these tracks in my local shop and I was very surprised, because for the price (around 14 EUR) look very nice...

Tracks are made from deep brow resin which is very good base colour for next paintning. Segments are cast pretty cleaw without any intakes and are ready for assembly. Some segments were damaged but in set is enough of them.

Assembly is pretty fast and links holds together but is more fragile than plastic or white metal tracks and need careful handling.Work on one link took about 30 minutes...faster work than any other tracks I ever worked with.

I tested the track link on Hetzer Starr by Trumpeter and it fit very good and i hope it can be useable for Tamiya kit. set is named "late tracks" and SKP company producing also "early tracks" but differences between versions are very very small and thanks to it, are useable for any LT 38 Chassis like Marder III or another.

This set is very good alternative to Friulmodel tracks for price of Dragon magic track solo set.
SKP produces also links for Panther/Jagdpanther and I hope next will follow.

SKP page:
 Link used on Trumpeter Hetzer Starr
Fitting around the sprocket and teeths is very good and overall fitting over 
the wheels and upper roller is nice too.

úterý 22. listopadu 2011

Bourrasque finished....

I chose this model for my modelling restart because i thought it will be fast...and building really was,but finishing was the test of all my skills starting sharp-edge camouflage with high contrast,work with big decals, lot of washes and oil jobs, work with rust and pigments on relativelly big surfaces... I worked on it  for one month almost for several hours every day.Result isn't perfect by my imagination, so i now know what refine next time and I think its relatively good after almost two years break :) Hope you like it too.

Cheers! Jirka

...And two reference pictures on the end...